The Raw Food Your Dog Was Born to Eat. For the Price of Kibble.

With Canino, it's never been more convenient to feed your dog the all-natural, nutrient-dense raw meals they'll devour!

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Made with Local and Natural Ingredients

Maximize Value, Minimize Cost

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Watch Your Dog Thrive Like Never Before

Our high-quality raw meals are formulated by industry-leading canine nutrition experts to provide all the building blocks for a long, healthy life.

When you make the switch to a biologically-appropriate raw diet, you're setting them up for optimal health & vitality. Before long, you'll see some pretty amazing results!


Better Digestion

Glossier Coat

Healthier Weight

Stronger Teeth

Fewer Allergies

Happier Pup!

The Best Your Pet Can Get

Your dog is a member of the family, and they trust you with all their heart. Show them your love with the nutrient-dense meals they need for a lifetime of happy memories together!

100% Honest, Raw Meals

Our raw dog food is packed with carefully-sourced whole foods: meat, organs, bones, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

Each meal is expertly formulated to meet the nutritional standards set by the AAFCO - and to have your dog licking their chops!

Our meals are minimally processed in a certified human-grade facility, frozen, and delivered right to your doorstep.


100% Raw & Natural

Locally Sourced

Whole-food Nutrition

Species Appropriate


Made in Canada

New to Raw

With our easy transition guide, they’ll be thriving on raw before you know it.

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How it Works

Our easy-stack blocks make storing and

  • 01. Store in the freezer
  • 02. Thaw in the refrigerator
  • 03. Serve & enjoy those tail wags!

The Canino Story

At Canino, we’re dog lovers. And we believe that every dog deserves to eat like royalty.

That's why we've built our company from the ground up with a simple promise: to keep our wholesome raw food as convenient and accessible as it is delicious.

Here’s to your pup’s health and vitality!

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Adored by Owners, Pets, & Vets

Canino provides a great service. Their food is top quality, and they bring it to you for free! What more could you ask for? Their website is really nice, too.

Martin Sweeny


Best decision to switch to canino raw food.......the people at all raw dog food in cornwall Ontario are very informative on what's in the food and how to feed ur notch food and distributors in cornwall Ontario are great

Pete Francis