Why Feed Raw?

Studies show dogs on raw suffer less disease, fewer illnesses and allergies, have a healthier weight, and enjoy a longer life expectancy. It makes sense, since they evolved over millennia to eat this way!

When you make the switch to raw, you have

A minimally-processed, species appropriate diet is the best
way to give your dog a long, healthy life. Read on to learn more
about feeding raw!

The Risks of Commercial Dog Food

Is commercial kibble really all that bad? Let’s take a closer look.

  • It’s packed with grains, cheap fillers, additives and preservatives, none of which your dog needs.
  • It’s ultra processed for maximum shelf life, and often spends months or years sitting in warehouses.
  • It’s high in carbohydrates, which the body quickly turns into sugars. This is linked to behavioral problems.
  • Carbohydrate-rich food causes a range of health problems, including diabetes, blood clots, and various cardiovascular diseases.
  • Many dogs are allergic to ingredients in kibble. This can show up as skin rashes, hair loss, GI problems, and ear infections.
  • Ingredients in commercial kibble create excessive tartar buildup, which leads to dental disease.

Here are some of the health problems an ultra-processed diet can cause:

  • Degenerative diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Dental disease
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Gas and diarrhea
  • Cancer
  • Behavioral problems
  • Allergies
  • Skin rashes and infections
  • High homocysteine levels
  • Kidney, pancreas, or liver problems

The Benefits of Raw

  • Better Digestion
  • Glossier Coat
  • Healthier Weight
  • Stronger Teeth
  • Fewer Allergies
  • Happier Pup!

BARF Diet: Outstanding Nutrition

At Canino, we’re dog lovers. And we believe that every dog deserves to eat like royalty.

That’s why we’ve built our company from the ground up with a simple promise: to keep our wholesome raw food as convenient and accessible as it is delicious.

Here’s to your pup’s health and vitality!


What’s In a Raw Diet?

To meet all your dog’s nutritional needs, a raw diet should include:


Raw meat is the ideal source of protein and fats for your dog. A large percentage of his diet should be made up of species-appropriate meats like chicken, turkey, beef.


Bones are a valuable source of calcium and phosphorus. Canino meals include ground bone, providing all the nutritional benefits without the choking hazard.


Organs like liver and kidney are incredibly rich sources of important nutrients like the B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium, selenium, and vitamin D.


Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not strict carnivores! They need the vitamins and minerals found in certain fruits and vegetables for a healthy, rounded diet.

Canino: Formulated for the Right Balance

At Canino, every recipe has been formulated with the help of leading canine nutrition experts to meet AAFCO standards and provide the correct balance of nutrients for your pet. We take the guesswork out of providing a complete, wholesome raw diet for your dog!

Getting Started with Raw Feeding

Making the switch to raw can feel daunting, but it’s easy - we promise! Just follow


Consult with your vet

Before switching over to a raw food diet, be sure to get the green light from your vet.


Transition over 7 days

Start by mixing a small amount of raw Premium Mix into your dog’s normal food. Gradually increase the percentage over 7 days, until he’s happily eating 100% raw. Yum!


Use our calculator

Figuring out how much raw food your dog needs each day is easy - just use our handy Raw Diet Calculator!

Discover exactly how much to feed!

Feed this much per day:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Dogs have evolved over millennia to digest raw meat: it’s in their genes. They can safely consume raw meat because their stomach acid is much more acidic than ours. 

Fruits and vegetables are essential to your dog's diet. Produce like apples, berries, broccoli, and carrots are a great source of vitamins and minerals.

No, grains do not provide much nutritional value and are not species-appropriate for dogs. They’re typically included in commercial kibble because they’re a cheap source of calories. But they are not necessary!

During the transition to raw, it’s normal to notice some changes. 

Most customers report that their dogs’ bathroom habits change. At first, you may see some diarrhea, but this should normalize in about a week. Afterwards, you’ll likely see that your dog’s poo is smaller, firmer, and less smelly!

Yes, this is totally normal! Raw dog food contains a higher percentage of moisture than kibble, so it’s natural for dogs to drink less water when eating a 100% raw diet.

We carefully source our raw meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables from local farmers and vendors here in Canada. We’re dedicated to nutrient-dense, high-quality ingredients, and all Canino food is 100% hormone and antibiotic free.

We ensure maximum cleanliness, food safety, and quality all along our supply chain. Canino meals are minimally processed in a certified human-grade facility, where our raw ingredients are roughly ground, packaged, and frozen.  

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We use minimal packaging. Each Canino block comes packaged in a plastic bag, which is curbside recyclable once washed. Your delivery comes in a recyclable/compostable cardboard box.

If stored properly, Canino raw dog food will keep for 6 months in your freezer.

Each block is about ¾ lbs (340 g) in weight and roughly 14 fl oz (418 mL) in volume. 

According to customers, it’s easy to fit a 40 lb box of Canino in the freezer by distributing the easy-stack blocks as necessary.

Canino is made with 100% human-grade ingredients, so please use the same basic food safety and hygiene practices you use with the raw meat you buy for your own family:

Wash your hands after handling.
If you use utensils or equipment to serve Canino, wash, rinse, and sanitize it properly.

Great question. Once the food is ingested, there may be traces of food left on your dog’s tongue or in his mouth. However, his saliva produces immune molecules known as capnocytophaga canimorsus, which help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria or pathogens. This means you can get right back to getting kisses from your pup!

Freezing is one of the safest ways to store raw dog food. Many microorganisms, yeasts, mould, and parasites are killed when frozen below 0°.

Freezing inactivates bacteria, but once thawed, they become active again and the thawed food should be treated the same way as any fresh perishable food in order to limit the risk of food-borne illnesses.

Nope! Canino is designed to be thawed and served directly. Cooking destroys many of the food’s naturally-occurring nutrients (especially water-soluble vitamins), so we advise against cooking your raw dog food.

We recommend thawing Canino for about 6-8 hours in the fridge. But if you forget to take your blocks out of the freezer in time, you can safely thaw them (still sealed in the bag) in lukewarm water for 10-20 minutes until soft.

Yes! Canino is appropriate for every stage of life.

Some of our customers choose to feed their dogs a split diet. However, many dogs struggle with digesting a split diet, as kibble and raw food require different levels of stomach acidity. That’s why we always recommend feeding 100% raw!

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